Every time you visit us at Kebab Gyros, you are invited to be our guest and dine with us at our table.

At Kebab Gyros, our main objective is to bring you a fresh, unique dish, served in a timely manner. Catering to a market that is used to fast food chains, over the years we developed a simple menu that is tailored to the needs of our wonderful customers.

Our Gyros (pronounced “yeearos”) is a specially seasoned beef and lamb blend, prepared
exclusively for our restaurant. The result is a distinct flavor that is almost addictive. Slowly
charbroiled on a vertical rotisserie, the outer-layer of the meat is seared, ensuring the mouthwatering flavor and juices are sealed within. Sliced thin so it won’t lose its flavor, the meat is packed in a golden brown pita pocket, topped with fresh vegetables, and served with Tabbouleh salad. The result is one of our signature dishes and sure to become a personal favorite of your tasebuds.  

“Farrah’s Recipe” Chicken:  Like our gyros, premium-quality chicken tenders are marinated, then grilled to perfection and stuffed inside a pita pocket and paired with veggies of your choice.  The recipe for this favorite dish started in my sister-in-law’s kitchen, but sorry, we can’t tell you Farrah’s secret!  

French Fries:  Frozen fries? Not a chance. For our guests we serve only fresh, wholesome Idaho potatoes, sliced daily and fried to order in 100% peanut oil.  Now you know why they are soooooo good.


Tabbouleh:  A Lebanese staple. My mother prides herself for making the best tabbouleh salad. Every day we hand chop bunches of fresh parsley, fresh tomatoes, and add  homemade dressing and cracked wheat, all to create this garden-fresh salad, just for you. Thanks Mom for passing it on.

Hummus: Who would have thought that you could turn dried, little chickpeas into an amazing dip? We soak and cook chickpeas, then add fresh garlic, blend with tahini sauce (otherwise known as sesame paste) and top the finished product with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.  We’ve been told we have the best hummus in town – enjoy!

Falafel: Staying true to our dedication for fresh products, we add our own spices to our fresh chickpeas with fava beans, add our unique original blend, and fry in 100% peanut oil. 

Our Salads are generational recipes, passed down from aunts and cousins alike, to bring you the true taste of the Mediterranean.  Choose from orzo pasta salad,
bean salad, Shepard salad and many more to come.

Welcome to our table.




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